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About HBC Promised Ghana, Limited By Guarantee

HBC Promised Ghana, LBG (HBCPG) is a Registered non governmental organization in Ghana with a specific mission to develop programs and services responsive to the educational and capacity building needs of individuals, communities and organizations in Ghana.

The nature of our organization is five prong: (1) To provide desks, uniforms and educational materials to students; (2) To conduct football activities to do health education and disease prevention activities; (3) To provide capacity building and technical assistance; (4) Training and Development to non governmental organizations that will assist them in their growth and development; and (5) Improving Human Rights by developing programs and services centered on empowering women and restoring dignity to women, men, boys, girls as well as a vulnerable group within Ghanaian Society.

Through an international partnership with Healthy Black Communities, Inc. (HBC) a USA based non government organization, HBC Promised Ghana, LBG is able to provide education materials, supplies and items to youth and young adults via donor mobilization.

HBC Promised Ghana’s President/CEO – Dr. LaMont “Montee” Evans presents 217 Books to Takyim District Assembly Basic School

Takyiam District Assembly Basic School, was established 12 September 2010, to prepare students to understand, contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing society and thus make the world a better and more just place. The school has a student population of 204 and is managed by administrators, teachers and staff who total 17 in number. 

Takyiam District Assembly Basic School called for support of books to help students of the school learn and increase their reading skills. These books will also assist to enhance teaching and learning processes by having the books on hand for students. The school also requested Dual Desks in order to expand seating and enrollment from the community. HBCPG, through donations from African Americans donated 50 Dual Desks. 

Mission, Vision & Goals

HBC Promised Ghana, LBG (HBCPG) is a Registered NGO in Ghana whose mission is to develop programs and services responsive to the educational and capacity building needs of individuals, communities and organizations in Ghana. We believe a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean and our work will contribute to making Ghana better.

Dr. LaMont “Montee” Evans serves as the President/CEO and works with a team of Ghanaian men and women on projects. Its focus is to improve the quality of life for Ghanaian people/communities as well as expand the organization’s reach as time, resources and opportunity are realized.


The HBC PG Story

HBC Promised Ghana, LBG’s President/CEO Dr. LaMont “Montee” Evans (African American) has maintained a commitment to Ghana since first visiting the country in 2004. He begin bringing medical supplies for clinics in the Central Region; hosting football tournaments to bring health awareness to villages and towns; conducted capacity building/technical assistance workshops to assist emerging NGOs; and provided school supplies/materials to schools and vocational training centers.

He has mobilized more than $150,000 since 2004 in donations, equipment, desks, uniforms, etc. Two signature projects have evolved from his work; iPromisedGhana and UHC Ghana.\

Core Values

HBC Promised Ghana, LBG’s Core Values are the fundamental ideas at the heart of why we do our work. Our values articulate ideas we aspire to hold ourselves accountable for and offer guidance about how the organization behaves in carrying out its mission.

There are 10 core values that influence our culture and public image, they allow us to be effective locally, nationally and internationally as we develop, form and nurture relationships and partnerships. They are: Caring Attitude; Responsiveness; Respectfulness; Individualized Support; Diversity; Integrity and Accountability; State of the Art Practices; Partnerships; Advocacy; and Financial Sustainability.

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