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We are African Americans doing our part to repair & restore africa.

april 2021 visit to salaga

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Healthy Black Communities, Inc. Founders:
(L to R) Luga Jaye Joseph (Deceased); LaMont “Montee” Evans, and Emmanuel Dennis.

healthy black communities

Healthy Black Communities, Inc.’s President/Chief Executive Officer LaMont “Montee” Evans has maintained a strong commitment to Ghana. He registered HBC in Ghana in 2006. Evans founded Health Black Communities, Inc. in August 2001 along with two other gentlemen (Emmanuel Dennis and Luga Jaye Joseph) in the United States. The organization is governed by six key individuals with many of them holding advanced degrees to assist in providing guidance and support to Evans in the development of programs and services.

I believe African Americans owe it to themselves, their ancestors and generations unborn to help repair some of the damage Africa continues to experience as a result of the Black Holocaust (i.e. Transatlantic Slave Trade).” – says Evans.

More than 95% of all donations go directly to the project with administrative expenses (5%) used to cover the transporting of the goods and/or labor for work done. HBC does not retain any of the monies raised on these projects. One of the other benefits of this project is transparency; donors are able to see firsthand how their funds are being disbursed and participate virtually in viewing the donation presentations. In addition, HBC goes an extra step to capture video and pictures of the donations being made and ask recipients to acknowledge receipt of the project resources to share with the donor(s). These videos and pictures are uploaded to HBC’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. For more information, please visit HBC’s website.

hbc’s Board of Directors

LaMont “Montee” Evans
President/Chief Executive Officer

Tversa Ricks
Board Chair

Lyric D. Cosby
Member, HBC Board of Directors

Dr. Brenda Crowder-Gaines
Member, HBC Board of Directors

Dr. Rhonda D. Holliday
Member, HBC Board of Directors

Dr. Laurant Jayeone Jolly
Member, HBC Board of Directors

about iPromisedGhana

In February 2019, HBC’s President/CEO LaMont “Montee” Evans visited Ghana, West Africa and met with Honorable Kojo Asemanyi, a Ghanaian Politician and Member of the Seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana who represents the Gomoa East Constituency in the Central Region.

During this visit, Honorable Asemanyi took Evans on a tour of the areas he represents and showed several schools and areas needing support; Takyiam District Assembly Basic School, In God Vocational Center,and Potsin T.I. Ahmadiyyah Senior High School. In addition, HBC and Corporate Kicks hosted a soccer tournament in Gomoa East (Kasoa) and Assemanyi sat at the high table along with them. 

For 15 years now, HBC has supported projects and initiatives in the country. In February 2019, HBC recommitted itself to do more. Given the various Regions of the country HBC has worked in and the many projects it has funded or supported since 2006, there was a need to develop an umbrella initiative whereby individuals, businesses, organizations and government could funnel resources through without feeling as if their monies were going more towards administrative costs and little to the projects.

Hence, The iPromised Ghana Project (formerly Nyansapo Projectwas birthed in April 2019 to capture the projects HBC received requests for support. Donations can be made via CashApp, Paypal, Direct Deposit or by mailing a check to HBC.

LaMont “Montee” Evans and Honorable Kojo Asemanyi.

the need

iPromised Ghana is a project of Healthy Black Communities, Inc., a USA based non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2001 in the USA and began working in Ghana in 2006 with an initial focus on clean water and disease prevention, more particularly HIV/AIDS. The organization’s mission is to protect and promote healthy Black communities, both domestically and internationally – through program, organization and community development.

There are 11 projects in total that represent the iPromised Ghana Project (formerly Nyansapo Project) – see list below. As of April 2022, we have successfully completed more than half of the projects. Based on the assessment of need, the total resources needed to fulfill all requests are up to $250,000.

Why Ghana? Ghana is considered one of the most stable countries in West Africa since its transition to multi-party democracy in 1992. Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana gained independence from Britain in 1957 with Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah serving as the first President of the country. It became the first sub-Saharan nation to break free from colonial rule. Gold, cocoa and more recently oil form the cornerstone of Ghana’s economy and have helped fuel an economic boom. The country is named after the great medieval trading empire that was located northwest of the modern-day state until its demise in the 13th century.

a letter from HBC’s president/ceo

As I think about organization legacy and the work we were formed some 19 years ago to do, it is now clear the connection between African Americans and Africans be developed and nurtured. We cannot allow the pain of our history and the stories of others to keep us disconnected, it is time to unite.

iPromisedGhana is Healthy Black Communities, Inc.’s African obligation. We have tasked ourselves to mobilize the resources, individuals, institutions and communities to do our part in restoring some of the damage Colonialism and the Transatlantic Slave Trade has caused. We cannot undo what has been done, however we can look with our own eyes or through the eyes of those who have been to Africa, the effect years of exploitation and keeping a country in debt does to its people and economy.

Since the problems we are addressing were not caused in a short period of time, neither will they be repaired or solved in a short period of time. This commitment will last long beyond my lifetime, but it is my hope that what we do lasts and helps to transform the lives of the individuals we impact.

Whether it is a new desk built for students to sit at and learn; a brand new uniform sewn; a new building erected to make learning safe, fun and comfortable or a website that helps to raise the awareness of need – iPromisedGhana‘s intentions are to fulfill some of those.

I invite you to look into the faces of the children and adults captured on this site. When I think of how 31 young ladies and men were sharing six sewing machines to learn and how a call to friends and individuals helped to produce 28 sewing machines allowing everyone to have their learning station – that’s keeping the promise in a real way.

Thank you in advance for those who have given, those considering giving and those coming to understand the value and importance of what a donation can do to transform the life of an African, more specifically a Ghanaian man, woman, boy or girl. For that, may the Ancestors bless you abundantly and generations connected to you.

LaMont “Montee” Evans

LaMont “Montee” Evans, President/CEO
Healthy Black Communities, Inc. (US • GH)

our focal areas

Education support

As a result of the needs identified in early 2019, many schools need new desks to accommodate the large class sizes. Also, some students need new uniforms and shoes as a result of their parents not being able to support them with this. There were a couple of school structures/classrooms that were decaying and showing to be dangerous for children to comfortably learn in with rain coming in on stormy days.


In an effort to assist vulnerable populations, HBC has provided more than $5,000 in Cash Gifts to individuals. We work with local groups to provide support to community members that are in need. We partner with Ghana Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to allow them access to USA resources via our 501(c)3 tax exempt status. It requires International Memorandums of Agreements to be signed with clear objectives outlined therein.

Organization Support

In our partnership with organizations, we have been asked to provide soccer balls for youth and young adults to play with, anti-malaria medicine, assist in connecting electricity to classrooms where computer labs are needed as well as help to provide food for prisoners. In Cape Coast, we have been ased to provide books to children in the community to access. This will assist in increasing their literacy and cognitive learning. 


Once COVID-19 begin to shut down countries around the world, and individuals who relied on families and friends to support them was disrupted, we begin to provide Food Care Packages to youth and young adults as well as teachers in communities where our projects are located. There were specific items requested of HBC that we sourced locally and conducted virtual presentations of the items.

$55,786 Raised

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You can make your tax deductible donation via CashApp, PayPal or by sending us a check made payable to “Healthy Black Communities, Inc.” with the Memo: iPromisedGhana.

If you would like to make a donation via CashApp, please click HERE and make your tax deductible donation to Healthy Black Communities, Inc.

If you would like to make a donation via PayPal, please click HERE and make your tax deductible donation to Healthy Black Communities, Inc.

If you would like to make a donation via Check, please clickmake your check payable to Healthy Black Communities, Inc. with the Memo: iPromisedGhana and mail to:

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