All Souls Anglican Basic School A & B

Central Region – Mankessim

april 2021 visit to salaga

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Project Type: Education 

All Souls Anglican Basic School A & B

This school needs 75/100 dual desks, cupboards for teachers to put their books and store items in for classroom learning purposes. HBC had a  Biofill Disgester built to reopen the school toilet (after being closed for six years or more) and allow children to be safe and close to the school when needed to ease themselves. To view a full report of the project, click HERE.

These students were the winners of a contest to see who could sing the Ghana National Anthem (all three stanzas).

projects completed/in progress

In 2019, Mrs. Nichole Benson (Jump Start to a Healthy Start – USA:GA) and Ms. Vanessa Haynes (Virtual Visionaries – USA: GA) donated funds for a table to be built for teachers to share and use. Prior to, the teachers were all at separate desks with limited moving space. This allowed them to be able to work side-by-side  It was presented to the school in October 2019 by HBC’s CEO

In 2020, HBC’s CEO had four cupboards built for teachers to use in their classrooms. They will have locks installed so books, important items and materials needing to be secured can be stowed. They were presented in August 2020. by HBC’s Ghana Country Director (Francis Osei Sarpong). They requested a total of 12, one for each classroom.

In 2020, HBC’s CEO learned that the school toilet system had been out of commission for more than six years causing students to have to go home or in the bushes to use the bathrooms. He had a Biofil Digester built (a passive decentralized wastewater treatment system that uses aerobic decomposition and macro-organisms to break down waste) and reopened the School Toilet in September 2020.

teacher cupboards donations

biofil digester from beginning – end

dual desk donations

We want to take this time and thank the following individuals for their donation to purchase Dual Desks for students. 

Dual Desk 1-5/25
Donated by Illustrious James O. Dogan, 33° – IFAMMCares
(USA: Michigan).

Dual Desk 6-10/25
Donated by International Masons and Eastern Stars
(USA: Michigan).

Dual Desk 11-12/25
Donated by First Lady Minnie Dogan – IFAMMCares
(USA: Michigan).

Dual Desk 13/25
Donated by Sister Bajeyah Eaddy
(USA: South Carolina).

Dual Desk 14/25
Donated by Gregory Burns
(USA: Georgia).

Dual Desk 15/25
Donated by Dr. Olayinka Olubunmi

Dual Desk 16/25
Donated by Sister Ericka Duvall
(USA: Tennessee).

Dual Desk 17/25
Donated by Sister Stella Russ
(USA: Mississippi).

Dual Desk 18/25
Donated by Sister Linda Stevens
(USA: Mississippi).

Dual Desk 19/25
Donated by Sister LaToya Caldwell & NC OES
(USA: North Carolina).

Dual Desk 20/25
Donated by Sister Chuvala Snell-McFarlane
(USA: Florida).

Dual Desk 21/25
Donated by Sister Amy Williams
(USA: Arkansas).

Dual Desk 22/25
Donated by RIP Mr. Wesley Smith, Sr.
(USA: Illinois).

Dual Desk 23/25
Donated by Mrs. Timika Conyers-Fitzpatrick
(USA: Georgia).

Dual Desk 24/25
Donated by Reynalda Ball
(USA: Georgia).

Dual Desk 26/30
Donated by Sister Emily Wright
(USA – Georgia)

Dual Desk 27/30
Donated by Sister Patricia Burton
(USA – Michigan)

Dual Desk 28/30
Donated by Sister AnJanet Selmon-Babbs
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 29/30
Donated by Daughters of Nefertiti OES Chapter #436
(USA – New York)

Dual Desk 30/30

Donated by Sister Darleen Bamberg

(USA – New York)

Dual Desk 25/25
Donated by Sister Ruth Suber
(USA: New Jersey).

Roofing sheet donations

 Roofing sheets
Donated by Brother Demitrius L. Singletary (President/CEO – DLS Installation)
(USA – Georgia)

Roofing sheets
Donated by Sister Monique C. Walton

(Supreme Grand Matron – Pernella Tubbs Supreme Grand Chapter)
(USA – Michigan)

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$55,786 Raised

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