AME Zion B Junior Secondary School

Central Region – KAKRABA

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Dollars Raised (as of April 2022)

Project Type: Education

African Methodist Episcopal Zion B Junior Secondary School

iPG was able to mobilize donations to provide 30 Dual Desks for the school to support the expansion of students attending the school. In addition, 50+ book bags and more than 100 small tubes of toothpaste were donated in December 2020. To view a Full Report of our work, click HERE.

A total of 30 dual desks were donated to support the number of students attending class (December 2020).

We want to take this time to thank the following individuals for their donation to purchase Dual Desks for students.

Dual Desk 1-10/30
Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Mustapha Ali & Family

Dual Desk 11/30
Donated by Michele A. Davis (USA:Georgia).

Dual Desk 12/30
Donated by Past Matron Tversa Ricks, SOG #378-PHA 

Dual Desk 13/30
Donated by Classy Chele Events (USA:Georgia).

Dual Desk 14/30
Donated by Mrs. Gail Meeks (USA:Florida).

Dual Desk 15/30
Donated by Paulette Warren (USA:Michigan).

Dual Desk 16/30
Donated by Illustrious Demetrius Terry, 33° (USA:Georgia).

Dual Desk 17/30
Donated by Sister Khadijah March (USA:Georgia).

Dual Desk 18/30
Donated by Illustrious Kenneth L. Hollowell, 33°

Dual Desk 19/30
Donated by Sister Charlotte Nichols 

Dual Desk 20/30
Donated by Miss. Emunda A. Reed
(North Carolina).

Dual Desk 21/30
Donated by Dr. Brenda Crowder-Gaines
(USA:North Carolina).

Dual Desk 22/30
Donated by Sister Chuvala Snell (USA:Florida).

Dual Desk 23/30
Donated by Sister Patricia J. Hollowell

Dual Desk 24/30
Donated by Illustrious Bobbie J. Meeks, 33°

Dual Desk 25/30
Donated by R.I.P Helen “Madear” Dotson

Dual Desk 26/30
Donated by R.I.P Ann Marie Ricks

Dual Desk 27/30
Donated by Alexander Crowder  Gaines
(USA:North Carolina).

Dual Desk 28/30
Donated by Mrs. Sametta Turrentine

Dual Desk 29/30
Donated by Mrs.Felicia Turrentine Wasson

Dual Desk 30/30
Donated by Isaiah & Evans Wasson

$55,786 Raised

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If you would like to make a donation via CashApp, please click HERE and make your tax deductible donation to Healthy Black Communities, Inc.

If you would like to make a donation via PayPal, please click HERE and make your tax deductible donation to Healthy Black Communities, Inc.

If you would like to make a donation via Check, please clickmake your check payable to Healthy Black Communities, Inc. with the Memo: iPromisedGhana and mail to:

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